ETERNITY Rose Collection

ETERNITY Rose Collection

A Gift Worth Remembering


Giving roses to loved ones has been reduced to a mere cliché, so we thought we could put the elegance back into it by changing its presentation, appeal and delivery. We have four varieties of long stemmed roses to choose from, just waiting for your order.


Red Roses – The colour of love, of the beating heart and eternal bliss. No other gift makes a statement of affection stronger than the elegant Red Rose. But not just any odd wrapping will do. Our round white matte boxes exude class, resonating the endless circle of love. Red roses should ideally be given as a sign of love, either on special occasions like birthdays and Valentine’s day, or any day you wish to surprise your special someone.


Pink Roses – No sweeter thing than to see a darling princess blush. Pink roses represent the sweet innocence of budding love. Young couples, teenage girls and mothers of newborn baby girls are often the recipients of pink roses. With our luxurious packaging and hand delivery service, it will be sure to get those cheeks swollen with glee.


White Roses – Perfection. Light. Innocence. White roses are a proud colour, steadfast in their purity, which will never be tainted. White roses are a common choice for weddings and other celebrations of life and love. They are also used as innocent gestures of friendship and admiration. They make the perfect gift for a perfect little angel, like a young girl, or a lady young at heart.


Yellow Roses – The sunny, warm emotions of this glowing colour represent joy and ultimate satisfaction. Yellow Roses are a gift to say ‘thank you’, ‘I admire you’ or ‘you are so dear to me’. Roses do not always have to be about romantic love, but there is a friend whose love means the world to you. Let this rose carry your message to that gentle soul, who fills your life with melody.