FRESH CUT Rose Collection

FRESH CUT Rose Collection

Beautiful Roses Luxuriously Presented


We all crave perfect moments in life. Our first kiss, the perfect engagement, a glamorous wedding, blissful, beautiful babies, untameable passion… While these dreams may not always come to pass, we always do our best to make the next one count. Seize the moment with our glamourous range of premium packaged roses. Our Midnight Black Round Collection delivers a sharp contrast which undeniably brings attention to the beautiful roses housed within the transcendent black box.


Premium, freshly cut, sweet smelling roses will be the focus of any room they are placed in. To make certain that your gift does not get relegated to the corner of the house, we offer an elegant package that you will want to put on display. The high quality black matte boxes are finished with Rose Queen emblem of authenticity for that final luxurious touch.


As with all our orders, your roses are hand delivered free to any location in Brisbane, be it a home, office, wedding reception or wherever your loved one may be. Besides, surprises ought to be spontaneous. The only question we have for you is this: which colour will you choose?


Fit For Royalty

Long envied as the rose colour of royalty, the purple rose makes a bold statement. Beyond that, the purple rose is said to symbolise love at first sight and is a precious gift to show your love. Purple is also known as the colour of enchantment. When you have been whisked off your feet and don’t know what to say, let the purple rose speak for you.


Charming and Innocent

Cream roses are often mistaken for white roses, but our horticulturists never make that error. Though similar, the cream rose is the flower of choice for the charmed and the charming. It speaks of platonic connections – mutual friendship, deep a


Burning Passion - The Colour of Love

Red roses are universally known to symbolise the deepest romantic love. Our red roses are chosen for their exquisite beauty, and come in the premium black box for the ultimate touch of luxury. For your significant other, nothing else is a match for the red roses in our black box.


Yellow for Friendship

Whether you’re hosting an event, looking for a gift to say thanks, or simply wanting to brighten a friend’s day, the yellow rose is a fitting choice. Bright and vibrant, it is sure to bring a sense of warmth to any space, and most of all in the heart of your recipient.

With Rose Queen, you’ll never run out of options for when to dispatch a beautiful bouquet of premium roses, and we’ll never stop you from creating your next magical moment.